If you wear a hard hat - either indoors or outside - you know how you feel at the end of the day.

The reason your head is the focus of all that heat and sweat is because the human body expels heat in order to maintain regulation of its temperature, and some of this blood flow increases to the surface areas of the body and the head. The head becomes a "radiator" and is a primary area where heat is expelled. Because of this, excess heat can build up, especially when head gear is worn in hot or humid environments. Not only does this produce discomfort and increased perspiration, it can also cause heat stress or worse.

The Head Cooler Insert operates with a battery-powered fan that blows 10+ cubic feet of air across the top of the head to blow away the excess heat that builds up in and around the hard hat. This airflow provides cooling as it moves the hot air and heat away from the head, so the body can expel more heat, accelerating the body's natural ability to cool itself. For the wearer of a hard hat, the benefits of the product are: more comfort, reduced perspiration on the head and neck, and less head pressure felt when overheating. At the end of the day, the wearer can feel like a hot day's work is a little less unbearable and exhausting.

Employers who provide this insert to their employees can provide more comfort to their personnel which can result in more efficiency, less breaks, and reduced risk of heat stress or heat stroke.  Even gaining just an extra 15 minutes per day of added productivity, the cost of the Product can be totally recovered in only a couple of weeks. A hidden risk to any employer is the chance of heat stress, which poses both a serious health hazard and many safety hazards in the workplace. The insert may reduce this risk by lowering the temperature inside the hard hat by as much as 20 degrees, keeping workers' heads cooler all day long!

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