Cool Hard Hat Captures More TV Coverage!

Cool Hard Hat captures more TV coverage! Click the links below to see the videos and read the articles. Here are the links: Video I & Video II...

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Dallas Morning News Reviews the Cool Hard Hat!

The Dallas Morning News introduces the Cool Hard Hat. Texas users in Dallas & Houston praise the effectiveness. Click the link below to view the article....

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Cool Hard Hat Beats the Heat!

As seen on TV this July! Oklahoma's News On 6 covered our Cool Hard Hat and how great it is in the above 100°F summer heat. Watch the 2-minute TV coverage video or read the article by clicking the link below.


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Cool Hard Hat in the News!

AggregatesZone, the industry products arm of production resource magazine Aggregates Manager, features the Cool Hard Hat in their resources database. See the exclusive mention by clicking the link below.


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Cool Hard Hat Introduced

The Cool Hard Hat is a revolutionary patented, air-cooled hard hat developed by Tom English, a general contractor for over 30 years. English claims that in all of his years and experience in construction, the Cool Hard Hat is the best tool he has ever used and couldn’t image having to work without it. The rechargeable batteries (with the recharger built into hat) powers two fans to blow air on the back of the neck and top of the head at a rate of over 8 cubic feet of air per minute. This lowers the interior temperature of the hard hat by more than 20 degrees.

Watch the video to see the incredible cooling demonstration. The natural evaporation cooling process helps workers stay cool, fight fatigue, and increase productivity. Vented hard hats are now made obsolete as the popular cooling option. The hat can run up to 12 hours per charge of the batteries and can be recharged overnight.


The Cool Hard Hat meets all OSHA and ANSI standards.


Bill Martine, Production Manager, manages a staff working in a hot environment around an 1800 degree oven all day states, "I found that we gained a noticeable increase in productivity when the crew tried the Cool Hard Hat, plus they were much more comfortable at the end of the day.”


The website video shows a heat lamp test and the incredible heat reduction it provides for hard hat wearers.


The increase in productivity of the worker through less heat stress will pay for the Cool Hard Hat in just a few weeks.


Purchase your very own Cool Hard Hat on here.

You are just not cool without one!


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