Lemley_PicI have been an ordained minister and have traveled as a missionary for many years until I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis sixteen years ago. Since then, I have worked at home as a dental lab technician. The MS has restricted my abilities to move about and to participate in many of the activities I previously enjoyed, particularly during the summer months. For many of us with multiple sclerosis, hot weather in the summer fills us with anxiety. As most people are going outside to enjoy the hot weather, we are drawing the blinds and resigning ourselves to staying indoors where it is cooler. Heat intolerance in MS shows up as an experience of having symptoms appear or worsen due to heat exposure and it can be dangerous, even life-threatening to expose the head to temperatures over 85 degrees. For some people, heat intolerance can be debilitating enough that they are unable to function well at even slightly elevated temperatures. 

I was introduced to the Cool Hard Hat this past summer and found that it did a wonderful job of keeping my head cool (under 85 degrees) and comfortable. I was able to spend hours outside in hot temperatures with the Cool Hard Hat blowing air over my head and back of my neck.

I would highly recommend this product to anyone who spends any time outside in the sun as it definitely can reduce the heat one feels on the head.

Joe R. Lemley
Ordained Minister & Dental Lab Technician

I have worked in the construction business for over 30 years, and this is the best tool I have ever used. I couldn’t imagine being without a Cool Hard Hat. Everyone working in heat should have one.

Tom English
General Contractor & Inventor of Cool Hard Hat

Safety demands my workers wear a hard hat & I struggle keeping a hat on everyone because of the terrible heat 5-6 months of the year. After purchasing Cool Hard Hats for a few workers as a test, it wasn’t a couple of days, everyone wanted a Cool Hard Hat. There’s just no downside – if you don’t need the cooling simply turn it off.

Ralph Gomez
Construction Supervisor

My staff has to work in a hot environment around an 1800 degree oven all day, and I found that we gained a noticeable increase in productivity when the crew wore the Cool Hard Hat, plus they were not as exhausted at the end of the day.

Bill Martine
Production Manager